Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Needs In Eugene

The prospect of having to do emergency dental work can be very traumatizing for many people, especially if they lack a family dentist to turn to in their time of need. If you are looking for a highly qualified emergency dentist, Eugene OR, Crisdental may provide just the services you need. Specializing in pediatric dentistry, Cris Dental offers a wide range of emergency dentist services within a comfortable, professional environment that will put you and your children at ease.

Emergency Dental Care In Eugene

The need for emergency dental care can pop up at any time, any place, without giving you prior warning or time to prepare. The professional staff at Crisdental Eugene is fully capable of handling emergency dental care services to include emergency root canal treatment, tooth extraction, cosmetic dentistry, cleaning, fillings, etc. When you choose Cris Dental, you can be assured of receiving prompt, reliable assistance for whatever services you need.

Dental Experts In Eugene, OR

Emergency Dental Experts CrisDentalCrisdental takes great pride in the qualifications of its professional dental staff in providing the dental care services you need. Crisdental personnel are licensed and certified in their field, with ample experience in a wide range of dental treatments. Along with technical abilities, Crisdental specialists strive to create a personalized, caring environment for their patients, treating each one as a unique and distinct individual who requires customized dental care.

As a patient, you can look forward to a professional, yet personable dental experience that will allay any of your doubts or fears. Our Eugene dental specialists are there for you when you need them, providing prompt and adequate services within their realm of expertise. Crisdental technicians are dentists you and your family can trust with all your urgent dental care needs.

Pediatrics Dental Emergency Center in Eugene

We are specializes in pediatric dentistry, serving the Eugene community with optimum pediatric dental care for children of all ages. Dental care for children requires a great deal of patience and understanding of a child’s physical and emotional needs. At Cris Dental, you can count on caring dentists who will take the time and effort to ensure your children are well cared for in all dental treatments.

Qualified personnel will take time to explain all aspects of the dental treatments your children require, taking into consideration the time and costs of the work at hand. Urgent dental care treatments are handled in a timely and efficient manner, providing you with various options for payment to meet your budget. Prolonged treatments will be explained carefully and explicitly, so you are fully aware of the services you are receiving and can plan accordingly.

One of the long standing goals of Crisdental, Eugene, OR, is to establish a long term, fruitful working relationship with the customers they serve. In this way, you and your family can count on the dependable services of a qualified cosmetic dentist in Eugene for any and all your dental needs.


In the event urgent dental care should arise, you will have someone to turn to immediately like Crisdental to tend to your emergency dental care needs.

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